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Where ever we live
What ever religion we follow ...
Men..or ..Women..
Rich or Poor..
From cradle to grave...
We are all Consumers..
Let us unite and stand together!

Consumer Education Society

Consumer Education Society (CES) is a voluntary consumer organization in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states, dedicated to the protection and promotion of consumer interests. CES was registered as a society under the Andhra Pradesh (Telangana areas) Public Societies Registration Act, 1350 Fasli (Act of 1350 F) on 26 December 1994 (Regd.No 6461/94). CES is focusing on consumer rights, environment education, health, poverty, gender and good governance. CES is developing information, education, communication material and facilitating participatory trainings. 

General objectives

  • To support, strengthen and expand consumer movement
  • To ensure that consumers are effectively represented in policy-making bodies
  • To build and strengthen consumer alliances at national and regional levels
  • To advocate consumer interests at regional and national levels
  • To encourage the emergence and development of consumer groups


The activities of CES aim to expand and strengthen the capabilities of consumers and civil society groups to carry out effective Consumer Education Programmes addressing current and emerging consumer issues and concerns benefiting those most in need. CES is into...

  •     IEC Material Development
  •     Development of Training Manuals
  •     Participatory Trainings
  •     Publications
  •     Consumer Awareness Programmes

At your Service

Since 1994
NGO Books


Books, eBooks

 Consumer Education Society has published 'Consumer Guide' in 1994 and 'Weights and Measures in Consumer Protection' in 1998 and 'Government Schemes for Tribals' in 2000. CES has maintained regular weekly columns in Andhra Prabha, Andhra Bhoomi, Andhra Jyoti, Udayam and many other local newspapers and magazines on consumer rights. CES is bringing out a number of e-books as part of Consumer Education Series and offering them for  free download.
CES released e-books on Government welfare schemes.

Consumer Rights Training Program


For Schools, NGOs

Consumer Education Society is conducting capability enhancing consumer education and training programs for Civil Society Organizations, social activists and students. CES is organizing training programmes for elected representatives of Gram Panchayats and representatives of NGOs on Panchayat Raj Act and Citizen Charters to strengthen Institutions of local self-governance. CES has developed training modules on Consumer rights, Gender, Panchayat Raj and Environmental Education for NGOs.

Workshop for teachers


For various target groups

Consumer Education Society is developing and promoting a package for implementing consumer education programmes in schools and colleges. Consumer Education Society involved in implementing Environmental Education Programme . The programme involves training primary, upper primary, high school teachers and monitoring Environmental Education activities in schools. The themes cover environment protection, sustainable development and energy conservation etc.  

Consumer Complaints Cell

Complaints Cell

For one and all

When 1000 people are suffering, only one person comes forward to complain. He fights to bring in some change. We support that ONE person to sustain the inspiration.
The Complaints Cell activities are coordinated by a team of experts who are instrumental in developing communication and training material on environmental education, consumer rights and sustainable development. .

Books & CDs

By Consumer Education Society


Unity is strength

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